Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Best time of my Life

The amount of stress and panic that I have been experiencing in the past couple weeks of my college career has been staggering.  I'm surprised that I am still able to draw straight lines after the copious amounts of coffee I have consumed to keep going.  My hands are covered with salonpas, thermacare wraps, and wrist braces all at once.  I only go home to sleep.  The sun has risen on me more times that I would like.

And yet I know that I will really miss this once I leave.

This intensive creative process called animation - I still love it.  It's maddening - I can't get over the fact that I constantly struggle and learn something new every time I tackle a new scene.  I know that the time I have now is a real gift - and I'm going to cherish it.

That's all.  Now back to animating.

- Sarah

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