Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Studio Dungeon

No sketch today, but I would like to share my studio set up!

I'd like to present...MY GARAGE!
I had my desk set up in my room before, and I got absolutely nothing done.  Having my bed in close proximity is too distracting.

Therefore, I moved to a place that made me alert and slightly uncomfortable - but I have everything I need.  Bliss.  Also extremely helpful, since I'm pretty sure I have ADD/OCD/ABC/XYZ

So, I'm going to be animating a bit for my professor's short film - (Well, I guess I should say ex-professor, since I'm technically a recent grad...?).  Hopefully I'll be able to conquer the tie-downs.  The blanket has a quilted pattern - which I am not looking forward to.  But nevertheless, it must get done.

And hopefully soon.

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  1. Having an office/separate work space really helped me focus on work, too. I think it is funny that yours is in the garage, but hey, whatever works, right? :) good luck animating that quilt!