Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nerding out

Sorry for the lack of drawing on this one, but I'd like a moment to say this:

Holy COW I've been nerding out over so many things lately.  Like - The Hobbit, Skyrim, the new Mass Effect 3 game coming out soon, THE LATEST BRAVE TRAILER, Skyrim's soundtrack (because I really really want it) etc etc.

The wanting that I've had for those aforementioned things has caused me to jump back into my past loves and relive them all over again.  I popped in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - and just watched the behind the scenes footage.  I didn't even watch the movie.

I can honestly say that the stuff I saw on those dvds changed my life.  I watched them ten years ago (when I was 14) with wonderment and awe - and seeing them go through the process back then, when they were pioneering new ways to bring this epic story to life - still made me super excited.  I even started doodling concept art for it again - it was super nostalgic.

Then, I watched the Hobbit production videos and man, there was a huge difference...and yet, it felt familiar.  It was just as exciting to see it come back too!  I can't wait for December.

And to cope with waiting for Brave - I sat down and watched "The Secret of Kells" again.  What a beautiful film.  So many stunning designs, that movie is just a jewel.

As for Skyrim, yeah - I know it has been out for a while, but I'm seriously still really excited about it.  Probably because I don't own it myself, and also - the music just gets to me every time.  It's fantastic.  Apparently, you can only buy the music from one place online, but once I have money....

If I were to combine all of these things into one experience, I think my head would just explode.


  1. Bahhh, did you completely freak out when Brave released the newest trailer?? I seriously foamed at the mouth. As for Skyrim, you definitely need to own that bad boy and kick some Dragon ass. Friggin..dragons...

    1. I wept, it was so good.

      As for Skyrim, yes...I agree. I should just get that game on my own. I unfortunately do not own a computer that is powerful enough to play it on though D:

    2. I think all the animators of the world wept and/or peed a little when they saw it.

      What. For shame! We MUST start a Skyrim for Sarah fund.

    3. Hahaha - it's alright. I'll just have to make do with leeching off of Halie for now. (Although, I definitely need to just get myself a 360 already. But for that, I need a job. And a TV for myself. Hm...)