Saturday, April 7, 2012

I survived!!!

This was me on Friday.


Well, phase 1 of crunch time is officially over!  It was a lot of work, and there were times that I didn't feel like I was going to make it, but I survived it - so that's great!

So, just to recap what I did the past three months:
- Freaked out about the Dreamcrits meet up, realized that if I didn't have any hint of storyboards in my portfolio, then I don't have a chance at all.
- Tried to do storyboards for two months...but I did crows instead (which is why I had so many crow images on this blog T__T)

Past two weeks:
- Decided quite literally last minute that I wanted to do an animation portfolio instead, scrambled to get my work ready
- pulled several all-nighters to get portfolio ready for the Pixar trip, including the day I was supposed to drive 7 hours up north.  Ended up taking a 4 hour nap before I headed up there.
- Also applied to the Nick Artist initiative at the same (applied the Monday of the week I went to Pixar)
- Got excellent feedback and notes from the trip, and just super jazzed about life in general
-Finally got some storyboards out.
- Figured out how to write a cover letter, finished my portfolio on Thursday.  The portfolio had to be AT Pixar BY FRIDAY.
- Mailed my Pixar portfolio 10 minutes before the overnight express cut off (that took years off my life)
- very next day, just gave the judges a STACK of my work to judge for the show
- Got 8 pieces in!

WHEW! What an action packed adventure.

Now it's back the grind - gotta get the film ready for the BFA show....hahahaaaaa....

So, from now on, it's:
- hunting for more internships/opportunities to apply to
- Applications, applications, applications
- Redoing the animatic to Chasing Clouds to make the story clearer
- Storyboard practice
- sprinting to get to post-production for the film; aim to have at least 30 seconds completely finished....
- Last Screening I will ever have, ever on May 19th
- Graduation on May 25th

So...uh...I'm not done.

Anyhow, here's are doodles to end this blog entry.  Bye!

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad! I really hope that they will enjoy your portfolio. :D p.s. I missed seeing you on Wednesday D: