Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm still alive

Hello Everyone!

So... a lot has happened this month.  Just this past weekend, I graduated from Cal State University Long Beach with a BFA in Illustration (Animation Emphasis), had a SUPER EPIC party the following day, and have been recovering from that party since.  Seriously.

I also have decided to start watching movies like no tomorrow, to study from them and to figure out what kind of film that I would like to make in the future.  So, I've borrowed some books, peered through pages, and will be renting Redbox films all summer long/ find other means to get my movie goal going.  My goal is to at least brush up on my film knowledge, study cinematography, camera movement, lighting, and most of all - how live action films tell a story, and how it differs in animated films.

Then there is the matter with the senior film.  Halie and I will animate and work on it during the summer...eventually.  It still is a project that I am passionate about completing - but that will now take some time.

Also will still be building my portfolio in hopes of getting into a studio for the next round of open call portfolio submissions.  I must be prepared and lay in waiting.  Like a tiger.  (Not like a Panda.)  Well, also aggressively campaign my works as well, but that will come.

 For now, I think I deserve this little time off.

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