Thursday, September 20, 2012

Finding Leonard....'s hair??

So recently, I've sorely missed paper.

So much so that I wanted to animate with it again.

Halie and I were talking recently about our film and how we wanted to pick up production on our unfinished senior film, Chasing Clouds. All the storyboards from the film are still posted to my wall in front of my studio desk, and I just sit and stare at them all the time, reminded about how unfinished it was.

But no longer!  I want to get that sucker done, and so does Halie.  So, we met up and chatted about a few things, reminiscing about how fun it was working on it back then (it wasn't really...the long sleepless nights and near heart-attacks I got by redbull and black coffee are some things I don't want to remember).  Then we started talking about our characters.

We still love Poncho.  He's a cute character, workable for the film, and has a great appeal to him.

We made an overweight, short, balding middle-aged man cute.  That's quite a feat, don't you think?

However, we still weren't so sold on Leonard.  He looked too gangly and normal, and wasn't quite there yet.

He originally didn't have a unibrow.  I felt like he needed one.

We unanimously agreed that he was not nearly as interesting as Poncho - and figured...what could we do to spruce him up a bit.  Then it came to us: His HAIR.

So, Halie and I proceeded to dish out ideas for his hair.  Seriously.

We ended up selecting the curly-cue hair with an angled back.  We felt like that was at least ten-times more interesting than his original hair style.

Now, I know this isn't the greatest in character design - and I'm sure we could push the shapes more...but for the sake of finishing our film (that was started back in 2011!!) - we're pretty much sticking to his features.

His clothes are a different matter though.  Still figuring that one out.

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