Monday, September 10, 2012

Sleep Episode

So, after months of searching for a decent freelance gig, I got hired by my friend at Mahalo to make a youtube series called "Wellcast".  We are working hard on the pilot season at the moment, and while I'll admit it's not anything spectacular in terms of animation and content (it's mostly still drawings, actually), it still is pretty neat what I can learn from the show.
And, it seems like this job was tailored for me: "We need someone who can animate quickly, have sketchy drawings and can storyboard well.  Oh...and be able to produce a 4 minute show weekly."  O_O
It really pounds into your head the importance of deadlines... (we have to finish 8 episodes by Thursday of this week....)  But now that I'm working with a team, it's definitely doable.

Anyway, here's my cameo for the sleep episode:

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