Friday, October 19, 2012

Back then

Ah, so...I kinda hesitate posting this, because it's a picture that sort of screams anime, but it's what and how I drew back then.  There's a story behind it.

So, back when I was in my teens, I got this notion to make this grand, sweeping epic of a story featuring these fantasy characters.  It was pretty much a direct copy of the final fantasy series.  (Yeah.  ALL of them.)

And somehow, it would be a video game.  I dunno how, but it would.

Years later, I revisited the story again. To be honest - it was pretty lacking in many areas - but the potential was there.  I mean, I was getting interested again rereading my writing from 10 years ago.  Despite being naive and a copycat - it was also an interesting time in my life because the stuff I created didn't really adhere to any of the knowledge I know now.  I didn't know anything, but that didn't stop me.

It was something to think about.

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