Thursday, November 15, 2012

Full circle

Guys, this is monumental, exciting, extraordinary (to me!).

I've been blogging (consistently) for an entire year.  Wow.

What marks this momentous occasion in my life?  CTN 2012 is tomorrow.

I started this blog immediately after CTN 2011, with hopes of networking, sharing my craziness, getting my art out there in the world, and to see if I could accomplish keeping a blog up for a year.  I met all my goals two-fold, and have discovered many things about myself artistically that I don't think would have been realized if I hadn't consistently updated my blog.

I'm happy to say that I am going tomorrow. I'm excited for this convention.  My main goal is to meet people!  I've followed so many bloggers in a span of a year, and a lot of them will be there.  Hopefully I'll have the courage to approach them...

Also, my mini business cards came in today from  The quality of the paper and print is awesome.  Worth every penny.

I've come full circle.  What a strange feeling.

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