Sunday, November 11, 2012

Production Diary, Day 2

Wow.  I can't seem to shut off my brain about this project.  Especially when I need to do real life things like, my job, catching up with school work, hunting for another job, eating lunch, etc.  My brain is constantly buzzing with ideas or visuals I want to include in it, and lately it's also been hunting for good music to accompany the trailer. I say "it's" like it's a separate being, but really - it has a will of its own.  I've been trying to reel it back in, but it went somewhere faaaar away.

There definitely has to be a pause in production or else I'll be in serious trouble if I don't get my work done.  At least until Wednesday T____T.

That being said, I have been prepping my work space and supplies to accommodate what I need to do for this trailer.  Since I have a budget of zero dollars, I'm trying to make it as economical as possible.  Therefore, I decided to animate in sketchbooks.

I originally wanted to do the crow scenes on watercolor paper, but who has that kind of money!?  Also, it'd be easier to flip this paper since it's already registered and bound, and when I was painting with inks, the paper holds up relatively well as long as I don't overwork the surface.  (Which I don't - my approach is hands free.  I mostly let the ink and water do all the work.)

ANND finally - I did some rough thumbnails of the boards with - ta daaa!  Sticky notes!

I'll have another go at it later.  For now, work and school.  Sigh.
(I bet I'll break that vow though.  Stop brain stop!)

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