Friday, November 9, 2012

So, I have this idea...and it's probably a stupid one

Alright, for the sake of accountability, I'm going to write this out.

So, to be honest, I have been in a funk lately.  It has existed since I graduated from college with varying degrees of gloominess.  I'm usually a pretty cheerful person, able to bounce up from difficult situations - but this funk lingered, like a bad smell.

Metaphors aside, I decided to shake myself out of it by DOING SOMETHING.  And one of the biggest challenges that I still struggle with today is actually FINISHING my art/animation.  All my friends will tell you this.  Also my professors, my parents, my sister, my cousins - heck, even strangers.  It's my vice; my attention span cannot be held by something for more than a few moments, when I'm suddenly galloping off towards another idea.  As a result, I barely have any animation (finished) to show.

So, in the spirit of changing things up and challenging myself, I decided that I want to make a 30 second trailer in 4 weeks.

Hopefully I'm being realistic about this.  A trailer frees me up from having to come up with a terribly interesting and concrete story in full (because if I decided to do an actual short film, 4 weeks would barely scratch the surface of pre-production), and will also give me a chance to animate something that I have been wanting to see since last year.  Also, I need to balance between my job, school, hunting for another job, real life, and so on.  There will be many things going on at once, but I thrive on being busy.

SO.  Let the whip crack, the gong sound, the siren blare.  I, Sarah Keokanock, am going to attempt to finish SOMETHING.  I will post my progress on this blog, and by the 4th week from now,( by December 7th), I will post my trailer or progress of my trailer.  I will at least post SOMETHING.

Gosh, now that I wrote this out, I'm nervous and slightly apprehensive, but EXCITED.

Don't wish me luck - just brew me some more coffee.

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