Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trailer Production Diary, Day 1

I actually carry a little journal with me documenting what I want for this trailer, what type of mood I want to evoke, etc.  I even write down the music that inspires me.

I only have some limited knowledge about running a production (aside from my job, and that's a different matter)  - but in terms of finishing a project, I'm still a greenhorn.
So, my inspiration for the trailer is stemming from this:

I made this comic last year for my production for fine art class, but the idea for this comic started earlier when I started obsessing about crows.  I was trying to find something to personalize my art, and to perhaps focus them around a particular story.  So, I decided to just look at myself: my last name translates roughly (in Lao) "Stone Crow Bird".  
From there, I decided to look up different crow mythologies that existed in the world, and came across the story of Coronis.  To be honest, it's a pretty depressing story, but it was one that interested me because it also involved the nymphs who were in charge of making it rain.

Anyhow, a lot of my work became crow-centric after that, to the point where I could just ink them from memory.  I also discovered that I had an affinity for illustrating (if you could call it that) with ink.

So now, to the present.
I'm taking two things that I like doing and just mashing them into a lovechild of a project.  I have no idea what the sequence of images are yet, and only a faint idea of how it will look, but I decided to play around anyway to get the ball rolling.  I did these tonight while I was at Gallery Nucleus for the Wreck it Ralph panel.

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