Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Because I love of drawing gestures, I like creating quick sketches to capture motion.  However, I have a hard time trying to tie down the line to make it readable.  Usually with most of the sketches and illustrations that I do, I always draw the initial pose, and try to work out what I want.

Unfortunately, after that initial sketch, if I ever try to draw a cleaner version on top of it...it never turns out the same.  There's something about the initial energy in the first sketch that I love - and fail to capture in the second drawing.  I'm still trying to work on capturing the balance of getting the energy of the initial sketch - and tying down the line.  It's going to be a long lesson, I think.

Both layers combined.
The under-drawing opacity reduced.

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  1. wow this is great!! this is clever, i might try it out myself!